Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ain't Love a Kick in the Head

Catching the original "Ocean's Eleven" in the background, not as slick as the re-make, but probably way cool for its time. Hey anytime Cesar Romero takes off the make-up, its got to be good.

For any of you who grew up like me collecting baseball cards, you remember the color and style of the different years. Especially when you "flipped". When I was in elementary school, we flipped kind of like playing gin rummy. You had to match the other players cards. I vaguely remember some kind of shift in your hand when you had double of something that would always give you an edge. When I moved across town at the age of 12, they had a different way of doing it. Something about "Larry's". I never caught the grasp of it and now have only that brief memory of what, at that time, was the only subject I could concentrate on. Check out this link as the author describes his deflowering in relation to his baseball card collection:

Of course, I was the type who hated the kid who's Dad bought him the complete set. That's cheating in my book, I would scrunge up $.75 or so to get that 3-pack every week. Somehow, you always got stuck with a lot of trips that everyone else had. But you looked cool at school with the big "wad" of cards wrapped by that industrial strength rubberband.

Thanks again to Topps, without whom, I don't think I could have made it out of 6th grade.

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Keith Berger said...

Ah, the memories...

I was never a card "flipper" (couldn't really see the challenge in it), but I was a pretty good card "pitcher". This was what we Brooklynites did against the wall of the Public Library when we'd set up some cards at an angle and play "knock-downs".

Ninja-like, we'd fling cards one by one toward the ones we wanted to win by knockin' 'em down. With enough finesse, we could float the pitched card just hard enough and far enough to knock down the target without going on to hit the wall behind, thereby keeping the corners from bending to the point of uselessness.

Oh, and I never bought a complete set box, either. A pack at a time, maybe two if I could afford it, and the hunt was on to get the entire Mets and Yankees teams. Somewhere in a closet I still have these battle-scarred veterans.