Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Stop Believing

Yes its been one week since the Sopranos ended. But life goes on. I think that's what David Chase wanted to put across.

The market had a nice bounce off of the 50day MA,(thanks Muckdog). With options expiration out of the way, and summer vacations starting, my best guess is the sideline cash has been put to work. That means the next dip, is going to be slower, and further. Probably a break of that 1515 pivot makes a nice short trade into the 200day around 1460, into late summer. Based on the earnings and now a normal yield curve, trend is still up for the next 12-18 months.

Getting back to the Mets and Yanks, El Duque getting lit up by his former team. I don't think the Mets have it with a starting rotation collecting Social Security.


adam said...

mark buehrle coming? I heard that Mets fan Michael Kay talk about Milledge and Pelphrey for him. Sounds like too much, I wouldn't do it unless they can get Dye also.

Eric P. said...

Correct. Dye could hit and would protect Wright since Delgado has lost a little. Would not cry if Milledge went, seems like the second coming of Darryl.