Thursday, June 21, 2007

Video Killed the Radio Star

Just imagine this, your favorite broadcaster decides after years of being on the sidelines, analyzing the game, he could jump right in. I mean what if Howard Cosell jumped in the ring to fight Larry Holmes, or Jim Nantz became the next coach at Kentucky, or Matt Lauer was running for mayor of New York. Sounds funny, but it is happening on Wall Street. Yes, one of the long time market cheerleaders, Ron Insana, is building a fund of funds. Because of the 20 years spent reading news reports of what analysts said, CEO interviews, and having lunch with money managers, makes him the right man for the job. I guess we can all go short now, since this is definitely a sign of a bubble in the markets. Moops.

As they Mets take a month off from playing baseball, I am looking forward to the pre-season hype for college football. Here in Austin, its all Longhorns, all the time. I think Colt McCoy has a good chance of getting back into the quick pass offense that he was successful with last season. The rest of the Big 12 seems weak, so it should be another BCS bowl for Coach Mack Brown.

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