Friday, June 8, 2007

"Sweet Ginger Brown"

So I bluffed the first pot of the night. I had a Jack and like an off 6, raised once, took the pot. The rest of the night went quickly. Had Jack Ten suited on the big blind, rest of the table folded except for me and the short stack, he goes all in, I call, he beats me with pocket Queens. Next hand I fold Ace of spades, deuce of clubs, flop comes all spades, guess what floats on the river?

Watched some of the celebs in action, Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo was the most popular player, not so much the best. Also, the Major League Bubble gum champ of 1977, Kurt Bevaqua, at the table.

Many thanks to Rob at KASE 101, I think the turban would have worked great.

P.S. the market rallied off that fib line at 1500. First resistance 1515.

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