Thursday, May 31, 2007

He stopped loving her today.

You ever notice that people want something for nothing, and nothing is never good enough. Using basic calculus, then something is always the least. A bird in hand is worth two, whatever. As long as my stock is going up, nothing is wrong with my stock and vice versa. Guys like Steinhardt and Robertson couldn't grasp this in 1998-99 with the Nasdaq rally. They hung it up. I guess when you amassed a few hundred million, its easy to retire. Very simple, pick your entries carefully, define your exits, take some risk out of the equation when you can, let the rest ride.

I mentioned spin-offs before, here the street is giving you a great entry. The big holders don't want these little stubbies on their books, so they dump'em. As long as you give yourself some room (remember time and price), then they can work fantastically well.

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