Thursday, May 24, 2007

You Want the Truth, You Can't Handle the Truth.

Yep, stayed up all night just to catch Jack Nicholson explode in the courtroom. I'd say its one of the top 3 movie monologues. Alec Baldwin in Glenngarry Glen Ross and Mel Gibson in Braveheart are my other faves.

Cousin Keith over at Turbulence of Dreaming would like me to translate some of the terms I use. Let's look at the previous post:

Yes, Gordon Gecko, Boesky, and Dennis Levine are all back. made a lot of cash insider trading in the '80s both fake and real Private equity investors, not junk bonds, are the new rocket fuel for the merger game. idea here is that Wall Street needs to do deals in order to survive Adam Warner (AMEX Alum) over on the Daily Options Report brings up some really good facts. Blue Horshoe loves everything. another former market maker from the American Stock Exchange who blogs it real good, reference to the movie Wall Street Market opens up to new highs and sells off on Greenspan. Yep, that's correct, my great uncle Al said that China was a "bubble"and the spoos decided to hit the mattresses. My grandfather's name was Greenspan, the stock market closed on its lows after trading to a new high, reference to The Godfather WRONG. Its Moors not Moops. Seinfeld episode where George plays Trivia Pursuit with Bubble Boy This market has been toppy for 2 weeks already. NDX way underperforming, 30-yr rates backing over 5%, dollar, gold and oil all reversing trend. Liquidity drying up so assets need to be sold.random thoughts on what my gut tells me is going on in the markets after being involved for nearly 2 decades. I would wait till the price hits 1450, by then all the suckers will be out. Mr. Valentine sets the price. where the SPX index chart shows some support, and a Trading Places reference Happy Shavuos to all, and to all a good night. what Charles Dickens might have said to his Jewish neighbors on the day we celebrate when the Law was received at Sinai.

I hope this helps Cuz! using old school exclamation point because I can't remember how to do those smiley faces!!!


NonyMous said...

Thanks for the explanations...i too was a little confused..(new visitor) !!

Keith Berger said...

Got the Honest Phil reference, the Bubble Boy reference, the Godfather reference (hey, a grandfather/Godfather doubleheader!) but sadly lost it by the Trading Places ref.

I like yer way of thinking... ;-)

Eric P. said...

I appreciate the positive feedback. The Trading Places scene is when Duke and Duke are placing pork belly orders. Billy Ray Valentine gives them a quick explanation on why the price will go lower. "I can feel them panicking"