Friday, May 4, 2007


Mergermania is the name of the game. Liquidity provided by private equity and hedge funds fueling the fire. Ivan Boesky on the comeback? Smart play by Microsoft, if you can't beat Google head on, use that monster cash flow to buy Yahoo. Makes a lot of sense to me. Look for analysts to start cutting growth rate on GOOG if the deal goes thru.

Not really an NBA fan, but the Spurs look like champs. Held AI and Melo's Nuggets to 80 the other night. Parker and Ginobli look like they are playing a different game than the rest of the guards in the league. It remimds me a lot like Showtime in the 80's.

Starting to feel the heat, high of 90 today in Austin. Its like a sauna in here.


Keith Berger said...

If you're holding someone's nuggets, you generally win.

adam said...

hey Eric:

What's your email? Can you send it to I'm doing one of these *twitter* pages.