Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Hopefully, we all paid our respects today along with the BBQ and swimming pools. Its great to be an American, but we all have to take time out of our hustle and bustle to think about how we got here. The sacrifices our ancestors had to make in order to provide us with our special brand of freedom not seen anywhere else. How many articles have you read today that criticize our government? Never before the United States was around would the public have the liberty to speak against our leaders. We have massive infrastructure and superior social services for half of the cost compared to others. From 1945 to 2001 we lived undisturbed by foreign advances and were allowed to pick and choose our battles. On a day like today we must look past individual needs in order to view our common goal.


Keith Berger said...

Um.... we have a common goal? Someone please let me know what that is, 'cos I seem to have missed getting the memo. And it seems to me that if we don't get our individual needs met, there won't be any "us".

I have a hard time with patriotism. It tends to separate one group from the others and, last time I checked, we were all sharing the same small planet.

But, be that as it may (and understanding full well that nobody asked for my opinion anyway ;-) ), I had a great day yesterday and hope you did too!

Eric P. said...

Hmm, Libertarian is it. I just like to get a little red, white and blue once and a while. It's a change from the usual yellow streak running down my back.

Technically, I am just a guest here until someone blames the downfall of democracy on us anyway.

Keith Berger said...

Heh... more like bleeding-heart Liberal. I sometimes need to wear a thick bandage under my shirt to stem the flow of blood.

Usually, the only time red, white and blue come together for me is when I do laundry.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a tree outside that needs hugging.