Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There's a lady who is sure, all that glitters is gold....

My morning routine:
5:15 clock radio alarm goes off. Get local news and happenings from Rob and the Morning Crew
on KASE 101.
5:30 log on to crackberry. See if anything pending from overseas. Check spoos, Asia and Europe. Bloomberg and Reuters usually have some lame comment from a large long side player like "the market needs to rest".
5:45 - 6:15 S,S,S.
6:15 Fonzie arrives.
6:30 hit the kitchen for breakfast and lunch detail.
7:00 pull out for the long haul. Sirius check with Howard, Ferrell recap from last night, check Bloomberg once again.
7:30 log on to workstation (if it is online, ready to put it in the woodchipper). Pull up Morning Research. Get good info on the Austrailian/Singapore industrial readings.
8:00 Check please.

We lost one of our greatest authors yesterday. If you have not read anything by Halbertstam, ping me and I will give some good insight into his work.

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