Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fat Cats

The NY Times hits the nail on the head with this:

"I think one of the significant issues of this business that we are all struggling with is that there is an inverse correlation between compensation and drive,” said Mr. X. president of an investment advisory firm. “In many cases the incredible wealth that is created by this incentive compensation structure has a propensity to dull the senses and dull the drive."

You want someone who is hungry and has a vested long-term interest in your portfolio. That is why my clients come to me: the short term skills that lead to long term results.


Keith Berger said...

Y'know, I had no idea my cousin Eric had a blog...;-)

It's good to see you, such as it is. Hoping things are well for you kids in Austin. I'd like to get out there for a visit eventually, possibly around SXSW time some year!

Eric P. said...

Hey, I saw you had one so I sez to myself, self, you need to get on that there blogger and start one up.

I learned from an internet guru type that if you have a blog, the search engine machine puts you higher in the matrix. Figure that is a good idea to please the machines until Neo, or the Terminator comes and saves us.

Keith Berger said...

Y'know why Neo hs trouble eating his cereal?

'Cos there is no spoon...

Hmm... am I a one or a zero?