Monday, April 23, 2007

Take us to Warp 5 Mr. Sulu.

You know your getting old when you ask your 8 year old to help you log on to Myspace. Between starting a blog and connecting to extended family in cyberspace, it seems my technological background has run its course. Heck, the only video game system I ever owned was the classic Atari. Remember those days mastering games such as Combat, Adventure, and Asteroids. I once spent a whole week trying to master a specific slope on Activision Skiing and breaking a certain time in order to get a free game.

Since I am pretty technologically inept, Tech stocks are usually not good indications of where I look to invest. Although I do trade a four letter name here and there, the trades are mostly chart based. One area I like for bargains here are the homies. Yes, I think the real estate market is in the crapper, but the stocks already reflect that view. Buying some of the big names in the group at 6-8x earnings is a good place for money right now. Someone usually shouts out at this point that you can't get too hurt falling off the curb. Besides, with the market making new highs, would you rather buy homies on the cheap or material stocks tied to the price of tea in China?

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