Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play....today....

Odds that A-Rod hits in 57 straight games and bangs 75 dingers this year? Turned on ESPN just as the Yanks were about to lose another one to the Devil Rays, when Mr. April steps up and whacks a frozen rope to the cheap seats. I think he even may get a curtain call in the Bronx this weekend. Forget rotisserie, this guy is vindaloo.

Speaking of baseball games, I received a call from the Round Rock Express yesterday. They are having a game televised in June and want to fill the house. The offer includes a Nolan Ryan Bobblehead. It seems if I get this one, then I just need a Jerry Kooseman to complete the '69 Mets pitching staff.

So we are in the midst of earnings season and no blowups yet. I guess the analysts have lowered expectations or the CFO's have come up with more creative accounting. This rally feels like short covering and performance chasers than anything else. I see a lot of good charts but like to pull the trigger on pullbacks to support (see 1st week of March). In the immortal words of Sgt Joe Esterhause: Be careful out there.

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