Tuesday, December 18, 2007

La Grange

So looking at individual stock charts, I see nothing pretty in the financials, retailers, or transportation sectors. Can staples, energy, utilities, and tech carry the load? They are going to in order for us to make new highs come 1Q 2008. Take a look at any beverage, food, or drug stock. Good odds that they are consolidating for a move upward. If you want to play the beaten down ones, at least buy write them to take in some income. You may have to wait a while to get some good traction in those suckers.

I made some sales at 1522 SPX and am fully loaded again at 1455. Look for a quick rally from these levels into 1490-1515, then a pause. Come January expiration, we should be ready to rally out of a flag into 1550 territory.

See Barry Ritholtz's Big Picture for some great economic insights, especially the negative real interest rate discussion. With all of this central bank liquidity flooding the system, it will keep a floor underneath financial assets for a while.


Bill aka NO DooDahs! said...

They got a lot of nice girls out there.

Here's a more obscure reference:

Well we worked 80 hours makin' time-and-a-half,
but La Grange was too damn hot
we drove back home at the end of that week
and we spent it all on pot.

Eric P. said...

i had to look it up, Hometown. will have to take a listen.

Bill aka NO DooDahs! said...

He's outta Bandera if I remember correctly. I like it, haven't seen him live but grabbed two of his studio discs on the basis of Hometown and Right Man For The Job. Good sense of humor with a couple of story-songs that might show a little Harry Chapin influence.