Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Delilah

So the market did not crash on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday. In fact, we have held the 1495 SPX level quite easily. With a retest early in the week with afternoon rallies closing out the days. Money managers are busy setting up their end of year holdings. Have you seen MSFT this week? Long tech, out of anything financial seems to be the game.

Speaking of financials, speaking to a prospect the other day, he asked my opinion of a beaten down mortgage company, suggesting he thought is was a buy. I said, how could it be a buy if the CEO just cashed out after they sold a convertible to a larger institution. Hey, I used to watch the CNBC Dennis Koslosky interviews with him sitting in Bermuda also. That stock was a buy at 8 too after crashing from 60, but the CEO was a crook, not a bad business model.

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