Monday, August 20, 2007

Who took the kishka?

My buddy Rob and I attended a party held by Kinky Friedman hawking his new line of cigars. Smoked a "Texas Jewboy" (of course). Very smooth, a little tough draw but and overall good time. Not my preferred corona, but one of the better torpedos I've had. Very interesting character Mr. Friedman is. Although his politics may be far off the norm, his causes such as animal rescue and human rights are pretty much right on. Just found out a cigar bar is opening in my neighborhood. I guess my life insurance premiums are going through the roof.

If you looked at the market technically on Thursday's close, and added expiration, what happened was pretty in line. It was a coiled spring, just needed a push (thank you Sr. Bernake). As the yen begins it decent back to 120, we should see some upward push on stocks for a couple of weeks. Still need to close above 1500 SPX to reverse all of the techincal damage of the past month. I would use this time to take some quick trades and/or reduce risk.

Two weeks to college football season gets going. My Wolverines are #5 in the coaches poll. Big games include Notre Dame on 9/15 and Ohio State on 11/17 (my 40th, so a couple of tickets including flights to Ann Arbor would be a nice gift).

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Keith Berger said...

I thought there were laws against smoking Texas jewboys...? If not, there oughtta be.