Monday, August 13, 2007

I want to Rock and Roll all night, and party everyday.

Looking at a number of charts. Had a lot of hammers and dojis (for those who candlestick), MACD crossovers and over sold stochastics (for the technofiles). With a retest of 1425 on the SPX, we will rally from these levels. My guess is a break of 1500 on the upside.

It is no longer flooding here in Texas, finally summer has arrived. 100 degrees and climbing. In the pool with the kiddos, on the golf course scrubbing up some clients.

For those who smoke cigars, I highly recommend the Cusano 18's. After being a Montecristo 3 for most of this decade, I find the Cusano a refreshing smoke at a reasonable price. Had one the other evening with a little Ruby Port. Ahhhhhh.

P.S. New line of cigars out from my man Kinky Friedman. Need to check out the Texas Jewboy.


Keith Berger said...

Paragraph 1: lost, as usual. It's like the jive scene in Airplane, only without the subtitles.

Paragraph 2: isn't there a Stevie Ray Vaughan song...?

Paragraph 3: I will never understand cigar smoking. It's sole purpose seems to be to annoy anyone within breathing distance, which is generally thirty miles.

Eric P. said...

Yes, SRV is still the man. I believe breathing distance is as far as it takes the smell of pizza to travel. As a matter of fact cigar smoking has been outlawed by most municipalities, since they know what is good for me.