Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Okie from Muskokee

One of the most consistent ways to make money on Wall Street is to buy what is called deep value. Usually, these are companies that are down on their luck, but have good management and sound financials. These are not trades, but if you take a long term outlook, they will be a great part of your portfolio before long. Examples are energy stocks from 1998, tobacco in 2000, and tech in 2002. My pick today is housing. Every day we see the bad news coming out about the housing market. The stocks have already discounted this as they are hitting 52 week lows. With many trading under book, find the solid management and buy and hold.


Keith Berger said...

Tobacco, eh?

How 'bout heroin and crack? Those seem to have long-term potential! ;-)

Eric P. said...

Sorry, I completely forgot who my target audience is. By the way, I happen to be listed as a socially responsible money manager. I guess it depends on what society we are talking about. I personally do not invest in pork, shellfish, or other treyf.