Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dancing in the Streets

"Summers here and the time is right...."

My kids ended school on Friday and now Summer has come in like a fireball.  Hitting the mid-90's regularly on the temperature dial with that 9 on the UV scale.  Doing wonders for my leaking car radiator, but that's neither here nor there.  My youngest has Lacrosse Camp this week.  Hoping my time and money are well spent with an athletic scholarship in 7 yrs.  Should be a nice ROI.  Anyone VC want to back me?

The oldest is signing up for Driver's Ed.  Spending 32 hours in classroom training learning about the road rules.  I remember back in the stone age when we had to sit in simulator training and then getting behind the wheel with the teacher's foot firmly on his brake.  We had a girl in our car who instead of starting the ignition, hit the wipers, every time. 

Need to hit the bricks and raise some serious cabbage so I can pass along the leaking radiator on to the new driver and get myself the 1974 Camaro that Jim Rockford drove all over LA.  Now that had some serious muscle.  Although the new KIA ain't so bad either.

Thank you for letting me have a few seconds of your day.

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