Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Every little thing she do is magic

Will the Fed cut rates? That is a question that was asked to me on Labor day. My unqualified opinion is not will they, but what happens if they do? Right now the markets are discounting a cut, so will it be a sell the news type of reaction? Will a 25 or 50 bp cut really effect the credit markets? Not really, but supposedly it will be a psychological buffer. All I have been saying is stocks got cheap, Bear Stearns did not go out of business, and fear ran real rampant on a 7% pull back in the indicies. If you are playing the home game, I would lock in some of those short term trades by the end of this week in time for Fed Watch 2007.

By the way, $%^* Appilation State.


Keith Berger said...

I watched Fed for a coupla hours tonight. He beat Roddick... again.

Eric P. said...

Do you like Rog? I am not a huge fan, but it would be nice if Roddick would beat him.

Keith Berger said...

To find out my feelings on Federer, see my latest blog post. That oughtta clear it up. ;-)

PS - Gabby teaches at Roddick's alma mater. I guess I need to insert that in my post.